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									Mom Happy Holidays Happy Holidays Mother

 mother happy holidays wisdom today is the

 mother happy holidays

 Talent Protection Today is Mother's Day, I am starting early the bed to my mother
greeting cards, mothers seem to have forgotten her holiday like today, come to me and
asked: "wisdom, what busy up so early?" I am pleased to say: "Mom, wait a while you
know. "mom was busy doing housework. I draw on a nice card picture, also written
on: "Mom, thank you to me and nurturing. You work hard, I wish you happy
holidays!" And then find a good letter of greeting card package.
 I took my mother's hand, so my mother to sit down and handed him the card with
both hands and shouted out: "I wish Mom a happy holiday!"
 moment, her eyes narrowed in a crack, see She looks very happy, I am happy!
 guidance teacher Cui Meiru

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