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Mom and Dad_ I want to say to you Mom and Dad Mom and Dad

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					Mom and Dad, I want to say to you mom and dad father and mother

 father and mother father and mother have been

 father and mother, I would like to tell you
 Mo Temple Street Elementary School Grade 5 Class 4 Chen Zelin

  father, mother, my heart has been buried with a further one of the words. I want to
say, but it has no chance to tell you today is to take this opportunity to open their
hearts to speak!
  Dad, I want to say to you: "You can Zhen Lei ah, a completely tedious and
cumbersome thing around you, and you always have to think twice before doing
things, the family has big things, you withstand, Ke to live your life hardships, and
frustrations, but we are comfortable to live. You made money for me to buy books,
they themselves have resisted buying anything. You are really one for others, not for
his good father. "
  Mother, I want to say to you: "Thank you for raising the ex. can you though for my
morning and afternoon, but why do you not able to understand me feel? remember
one day, you told me to learn English for a while, and then go to school, and I was
reading a book, seen in full swing when you cry, sweep away my interest in reading,
but I calm down, read my book. You should go to school seeing, but also there is no
way to get me to read English, so that you pick up the whip, and came over to the side
snatched the book from my hands, while loudly saying: 'Go, to read English, you read
these books what use is broken.' 'how not to use, reading these books is to increase
knowledge, or how to do a reading of the title ah.' I am angry recrimination up
altogether and you, you do nothing but pick up the whip to hit my meal I grew more
and more angry after being hit, and finally they go to school. on the road, I carefully
remembering what happened that day, I know I have hundreds of thousands of should
not, but I just want to see without a review by normal accumulation of the number of
points to test you, why I can not understand it? "
  Dad, I want to tell you:" Your involvement was. "Mom, I want to tell you:" You can
understand people feel you? "

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