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									Mathematics Test is a college entrance examination by the other candidates look
Collected in college entrance examination papers

 National Entrance Test Mathematics Test
 incident longevity district, candidates have to worry about zero, the District Board of
Education said the results are not affected
 yesterday to the city entrance (Q Bar) ended, but the longevity District Secondary
School female candidates Chen Haoyu it is still uneasy - 6 月 morning of the 8th,
Chen participated in the Third Division to the examination room comprehensive
examination of liberal arts, unexpectedly found himself the day before the exam
mathematics examination paper is also on the table, not the teacher took away

 Chen introduced the test room in the longevity of a section 19 examination rooms 5
seats. June 8 AM, Chen came to the examination room to participate in the first three
games of Arts Comprehensive Examination, found colleges to sit the afternoon the
day before his mathematical papers still on the table, while other candidates look.

 see the papers, Chen shocked. According to the examination room rules, each one
subject colleges to sit examination papers will be sealed and transported away. Now
other students of mathematics examination papers have been taken away, his papers
still lying in the examination room, Chen heart suddenly filled with a series of

 score calculated?

 paper still did not work?

 if math is zero, no matter how good the next two examination results, what's the use?

 ... ...

  Chen quickly pick up the paper running down the stairs, find the test center
executives explain the situation. Subsequently, the test center will be responsible for
taking away the papers, and this investigation.
  teacher led the class teacher introduced Han Lian, Chen mathematical subjects
received paper leak incident did take place, but each examination room has video
surveillance, and Chen has been the first performance in the class of 10, several
months test results are quite good, they can prove the authenticity of mathematical

 longevity District Board of Education Work Committee, District Education
Commission, said Li Changchun, for the incident, the current City Board of Education
has been sent to investigate. After monitoring to verify, confirm not responsible for
the student, now the candidates will not be the slightest impact on mathematics

 Chen, at present, although a department is not responsible for Ziji who have proven,
but because Danxinzhege accident may Zaocheng math Kaoshi course result is zero,
their psychological Shoudao huge Ying Xiang, in the ensuing two Kemu examination
failed to wholeheartedly into. "Last day of the exam is comprehensive liberal arts and
English (Q Bar), Total value of 450 points, much heavier weight than the day before, I
feel no play."

 collection events for the leakage the impact of follow-up examination candidates,
should cover and how to make up, the departments did not stand. But Chen's family
want to have a reasonable argument.

's Fan Yongsong

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