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					Scary Malu Ma Road, scary

 scary road frog World

  scary road
  Wuchang District Security Street, Central Primary School Chiang Tze-tung, one day,
it would only have been a joke for the "frogs" of the frog to jump out of the well, take
a look at how broad the outside world. So it is with the help of friends, and finally out
of the wellhead. It is a look, ah! Well outside the large, well beautiful! It decided not
to return to the bottom.
  small frog jump jump, however, suddenly saw a road, street, many cars in motion, it
is not in the past. At this time, flower dog cocoa came up: "coward, even the road
have not been, you just know how to look after lights on. Crossing the road as long as
compliance with traffic rules, it will be fine." Flower dog has just finished, the see the
lights turn green across the road was. The frog said it: "You look, I have passed, you
and ... ...." If not finished, a bus suddenly drove over, crushing the flower dog cocoa.
Little Frog sad thought: Although the world is wide, but people do not know how to
comply with traffic rules, too unsafe, and I still go back bottom better. Even though I
see the world is very limited, but at least I can live in this world, not as cocoa so sad.
  little frog was returned to the bottom, continue to live a narrow view of life ... ...
  Teacher: Chen Ling

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