Magic wand magic little mouse by fdjerue7eeu


									Magic wand magic mouse,

 magical little mouse friend suddenly

 magic wand

 magic wand
 Hunan Province Xiangtan Xiangtan iron and steel company's third children's
elementary school 2 (3) Class Anna Huan
 little mouse has a magic wand.

  day, a small mouse to a friend's house to play. Wind suddenly whipped up a small
mouse hat was blown tree. The hands of a small mouse with a magic wand that the
tree smaller. Scored a hat little mouse, the tree again changed back.

 He continued walking up walking up, face the chicken and dog. Little mouse say
hello to them. Suddenly it began to rain. Little mouse with a little magic wand to
mushroom into a mushroom umbrella, he and his chickens, dogs with the following

 rain stopped. Then walking up walking up a small mouse came to a small river. He
magic wand into a boat. He sat boat across the river, happily came to the friend's

 Instructor: Zhang Yan

 Submission :2005-5-915: 26:48
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