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Lonely lonely crying crying

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					Crying lonely lonely cry

 lonely sister crying once

  faint voice in some of the bitterness of my mind from time to time echoed her sister
sobbing trouble in the case yesterday. Pulling the chapped lips, smile sake: the next
time, next time I will have no chance. Sister would not seriously listen to my side I
said, going close to the temple, I have a chance to do, grow, and she would cry for me
it? I know because I was a lost goods; Nu Wa made one mistake, only an abandoned
me. And compared with those nice girl, I do not quiet; and San Haosheng than I am a
poor student ... ...
, but God that I wanted to make a good boy ... ...
  want is to ...
  But why, I always can stop your
  determination has been more than once ... ... can you ever seen a cat eat fishy it?
Once, twice ... ... thousands of times, how do I also can not change. Therefore God to
punish me, I want to do would be to interfere, even my sister wanted to come home
one night I do not trip.
  ... ...
  mother's excuse is how I play also and sister, uncle, sister of the operation is a
pretext for not inspecting. The fundamental reason is not that, they were afraid of my
sister taught me to bad. I just want people to listen to me quietly, but no one would
listen to me, I will not have anyone to talk; of course, except my sister.
  rejected that night, I dreamed that he stood a strange intersection, lost. You ask me
what this dream means, I want to tell you that:
  I do not know ... ...
  I really do not know anything ... ...
, but involuntary tears down to ... ...
  own the road of life, really lost before?
  ... ...
  I just remember, there was a little girl, at a crossroads, crying alone with Friendly
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