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Literacy Literacy Literacy


									Literacy Literacy Literacy

 literacy today is the thought that understanding


  literacy Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, Ke Yan Central Primary School 2 (4)
Class Guo Qi
  Today is September 8. Listening to the teacher said, Today is World Literacy Day. I
thought to myself, I am almost a two-year primary school students, and already know
many words, I have to sweep literacy. But the sweep who go? I After asking, he
finally picked up Grandpa. I really chose the right people, my grandpa really know the
characters much, in front of him, proud when I played a little teacher. Grandpa may be
hard to learn it up, a morning to learn dozens of words. I am very glad, supper I am
excited to announce the success of literacy work, we Dukua I can do. After dinner, in
order to further prove that I am a qualified primary school teacher, I asked Grandpa to
learn to listen to the words read them. Grandpa confidently saw out books, read it. But
did not expect that moment forgot the words learned the morning of a half. Amused
everyone laugh. Grandpa and I are very sorry. I thought to myself: It seems to give
Grandpa literacy're no easy task. But I was determined, the next weekend I will
continue to work hard!
  Instructor: Qi Fei

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