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									Solo solo as

 harp solo melody as

  I have drunk in the "autumn whisper" God is drunk in the notes that; once tempted to
"Butterfly Lovers" in the That Jiaoren mournful melody; have cold corn in the "House
of Flying Daggers" in the thrilling atmosphere that ... ...
  did not, however, and harp as instruments to the same, let me whom longing and
  encounter with the harp, about a year ago, Amoy to a "green of Ireland," the disc.
This is absolutely the encounter, because before this, on this love of folk music has
been removed method:
  in this beautiful country, with the voice of holy Enya sounds of nature; there can be
vigorous melody child family; there Aura West Side's unique style of singing; also U2
passionate rock ... ...
  saint's kingdom to the British Isles is really too much pet! Ireland's forests, the valley
between the gurgling stream, flowing feeling too rich, too rich with the music can
only express!
  harp is gentle to. Imagined, in the sacred side of the blue Aegean Sea, a Greek
goddess wearing a white dress and fiddled with her slender means Fuguo strings of
the moment, the whole world stops breathing, will be listening to God from the
earthly paradise that the Saint-tone, so pure, so fresh ... ...
  harp is a cold, and arrogant of. Her voice orders, such as Amanda, Ruqirusu to talk
about the "Christina", "Black Rose," a one poignant, and on the love story. In her life,
there is no "noise" words, in the holy country music in true to his simple, either there
is full of piano and guitar noise provocative action. Night, when I close my eyes while
lying in bed, the perfect note harp deduced that somehow always make me move. I
seem to see the endless grasslands of Ireland, a lonely young girl praying in the next
month. She may not be beautiful, but she was always full of gratitude for life and
hope - I can not resist the sound of the piano to give my heart shocked! This shock is
  because the harp is like a cloud in the intellectual woman, elegantly beautiful, gentle
and pure, and spiritual wisdom ... ... elegant melody of her emotional life for the
people who lost a light, the church we a pair of bright eyes to see the world. She let us
re-see the beauty of life, let us again have a life of reverie, thinking of life - the face of
such a soul mate, I hate only meet each other too late!
  may be because of my world, filled with too many heavy metals caused by mental
stimulus, filled with too much mainstream music with the soul of the extreme,
hovering too many pop subsidiary of spiritual anesthesia ... ...
  harp when I hear of that moment, I feel turbulence being cleanse the soul, the
complex state of mind are being combed forward. Everything around becomes quiet
and beautiful, peaceful and comfortable ... ...
  few weeks ago after listening to the symphony, this is my first time to listen. I am in
the band's most corner found a harp, felt a joy, because I really witnessed this
 play, the harp accompaniment in the middle and off, very little weight, but whenever
she passed the place, I can feel from the heart, or is so clear and bright and clean.
Until a short harp solo, only to let the people around suddenly all themselves. I have
heard in the back row said: "the harp was such a, ah! Really nice! "
 I laughed, but also felt, who hide in the clouds looming in the woman, and finally
revealed a long absence, smile ... ...
 in this chaos, full of noise and bustle the earth, you heard the harp's voice? /

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