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					Chick distress distress kitten

 mother cat chick distress

 chick chick distress distress
 Fairy Town Jiangdu Ryongchon Primary 2 (3) Xu Mingcheng

  one day, the weather is particularly fine, warm weather, flowers and lush language is
a spring flower season.
  day with a chicken out of chicken mother taught them the ability to catch insects.
Chicks chicken tightly with her mother in the back. There was a very naughty chick,
left the team to go on a willow tree to catch a butterfly, but the chickens never
imagined, dangerous forward step by step it up.
  original, under a willow tree is also dodging a cat, when the kittens are ready to eat
chicken, the chicken is just seen her mother, saw her mother angry chicken dash over
to the kitten, It started wings, forced toward cat, with its sharp beak to peck at that cat,
kitten terrified, trying to escape, but has been pecked to live a tail, cat pain "meow,
meow" straight name, fled in disgrace.
  Since then, the chicken is no longer left the team, and there are several colorful
butterflies flying, did not see chicken as the same insect was caught with her mother.

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