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					I love rabbits love rabbits

 love rabbits rabbits teacher

  I love rabbits
  Ningbo Three Represent School of Art Center 101 Yan Hu
  "ah, small rabbit! rabbits!" Cried the children were happy. Classroom can be fun, and
we look around the rabbits behold. Oh,
, rabbits can really gentle ah! Its hairy body, his eyes red and round, from afar, like
two bright ruby, is especially beautiful in the sun. It has two long ears, can hear the
voice I hear. It also has a special place, you would like to know? It is particularly
short front legs, hind legs long. Many children said: "Hey, little rabbit's tail, where is
she?" The original, it is too small and short tail, reduced to its long hair went inside.
  Next, Hu teacher gave each of us down for a one leaves. Let us feeding it. Ms. Hu
opened the cage first hand the little rabbit ears pick-up-release rabbits fed us food. I
can not wait for the leaves on the little rabbit's mouth next. Rabbits chewing food
thoroughly to eating leaves, seemed to say: "Thank you."
  This is really a cute little rabbit, I love rabbits.

 Teacher: Teachers
 Hu reviews: the teacher to see your writing, as seen in front of a cute little bunny
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