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I found found in Sichuan Province


									I found found in Sichuan

 found in Sichuan Province in city like

 I found a

  I found a
  Sichuan Province Tongchuan District of Dazhou City of Sichuan Province reached
Tongchuan District No. 1 in the third grade classes Yang Wanyao
  I am a very loved little girl, small animals, small animals love to encounter careful
observation. One day, my mother bought me a small rabbit, after careful observation,
I found it a lot of good points.

 small rabbit's body white, like wearing a white fur coat. It is a small round eyes, red,
shining like two rubies, a small mouth constantly move, really likable. I gave a name
to it ---- snow.

 When I came home from school or work back from the outside, it will come all the
way to go I hobbled down front to turn around, as if to say: "Little master, welcome
back ! quickly to rest. "It is time to eat is always erect ears, listening intently around
the movement, fear of a dangerous place, find it safe, it will eat some things,
otherwise you will run away . When I eat, it will go to my feet, looked at me with
pleading eyes, as if to say: "Little master, give me a bit to eat it, I'm starving!" See it
this way, my heart will soften, quickly show it it some food, it will go side to eat up
big chunks.

 snow has made me unhappy, I do homework, it also went to my feet, spinning,
distracting me.

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