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 housekeeping JiangSu Province Namo primary 2 (1) class in Huijuan
 Sunday, the family have something out, my mother called me at home to find the
door. This is not easy, I keen on the idea.

 when I concentrate on homework when I heard the chicken house chicken "giggle"
to call a stop, I quickly ran out and saw the original Westinghouse calling it chicken! I
ran out loud and said: "What is known, there is nothing to call it!" Westinghouse is
not called a chicken, a chicken house could be called the East up, I quickly went to
East House loudly exclaimed: "What a nuisance, Do not call it! "East to stop the
chicken house, and can be Westinghouse's called up, how do? I ran back and forth
between the two chicken houses were kept, so tired I was sweating profusely, but they
are still disobedient.

 until the mother finally came back, as I said, my mother once said: "Look, chicken
hungry do not know, but also housekeeping it?" Mom brought a fresh chicken feed,
and sure enough, they not called.

 Well, this house really does not look good ah!
 Instructor: Wang Shengxiang

 Submission :2003-5-13
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