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 teacher Hello Sands a small 6 (4) classes Zhu yu

  1 year from primary school onwards, whenever the teacher entered the classroom,
students would say: "Hello Teacher" This sound is so loud, so neat. There was stand
up, sit down, order the line. Students so sincere, so You Jin. This is not just a column
line of the ceremony, it is because it expresses our deep respect for the teacher reading
, but now ~~~~~
  This afternoon, the teacher came into the classroom. "Class, stand up," squad leader's
slogan rang loud and clear. 1, 2 ~~ students only slowly got up, fragmented, or rather
lazy. Long pause, before emitting some heads. Some bent over, still busy with that;
some heads down half-asleep; some of them can not wait to sit down.
  teacher's mouth slightly to a movement, it seems to say something. But he said
nothing, but seriously bowed to the students, said gently: "Good students!"
  may be used, students also bow back to the sound: "Hello Teacher . " It seems rough
to listen to the voice Tingda, but listen closely, some students are screaming at
favorable. Not so the teacher said sit down, some students will said as she sat down.
Teacher eyes hide the disappointment and anxiety. "Students are good." Teachers are
careful bow to you. I was surprised, as everyone seems to have stared, sat down a few
early students stood up one after another, we unhurried said loudly: "Hello, teacher."
  I'd like to not understand the teacher so hard every day to our class, can we say that
out "Hello Teacher" not intentions. Say "Hello teacher," Is it really that difficult? Is it
really that tired? However, even if difficult to tired! Think about paying our teachers,
can not compare this phrase?
  I believe that if my students read this essay, it will surely be more respect for our
  so teachers can feel our warmth.
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