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									Hasty Duty Duty Duty

 Hasty Duty mother sweep the floor

 Hasty Hasty Duty Duty
 Riverside Primary School 2 ( 3) weeks of sailing

  in a cell, there is a little boy - Hasty, who is his family to the emperor, food, rice
Mom pan, cooking for my father, my mother put In his eyes he was eating, even when
homework so Mom cut well before the pencil to write.
  today, it is a Hasty on duty, he Beiqishubao was about to go home, the Health
Committee called to the Hasty, she said: "Hasty, you do not sweep the floor!" Hasty
triumphant said: "Do not worry, my grandmother would come to sweep the." Hasty
spoke toward the door shouting: "Grandma, come quick to help me sweep the floor."
  Hasty's grandmother came in, struggling to bend down, hand picked up a broom in
one hand and pick up the dustpan, sweeping slowly starting to come.
  Hasty met, anxious to say: "Grandma, sweeping fast, my stomach is rumbling with
hunger called." Hasty grandmother sweep here for a while, a moment to scan her
grandmother there. Tired Grandma sweat.
  classmate next met, said: "Today is your on duty, are not your grandmother on duty,
should you sweep Caidui Yeah!" Hasty said: "No, none of your business, this is my
grandmother voluntary. "
  legitimate Hasty indiscreet remarks on the grandmother, the class teacher Ms. Wang
came up and said gravely:" Hasty, you should care for the elderly, your grandmother
old, should you sweep Caidui . "Hasty listening to the teacher, ashamed lowered his
head, face red like a red apple at once, he quickly snatched the milk broom in hand,
carefully sweep come from.
  Since then, Hasty get rid of this bad habit, and became a studious, polite boy.

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