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 Happy New Year dinosaur models

 Happy New Year

 Happy New Year
 Pu, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Wenzhou Shoe City Primary School 2 (5)
Class Linshu Fan
 2006 On the first day, and QQ brother, my father took me to the saddle tank park to
play. We went to see the dinosaur exhibition. Home, my father bought us a dinosaur
 for a home, I immediately open the box, dinosaur models, a look, which has a large
pink mud. Original, model fragments are "hiding" in the mud inside. I picked up a
pointed stick to poke hard, mud have become broken. I put all the debris to find out
the dinosaurs, Daddy boast I'm careful. I model pieces on the basin of water, brush
with a toothbrush clean, dry cloth. QQ brother is still there then drag, even debris is
also looking for missing models, such as exam, my father promised to help me with
the complete dinosaur model.
 My hands were bright red with cold ice water, but my heart is warm to. This New
Year's Day I really had fun!

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