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 Happy Halloween foreign language teachers

 Happy Halloween

 Happy Halloween
 child star school 2 Hengyang School classes He Xinyu
 Today is Halloween, we put on a variety of masks, wear colorful clothes, go to
school to participate in activities.

 to get there, like a ghost, foreign language teachers into the room, he dressed in
spotless white clothes, his face painted white powder. Foreign language teachers as to
impinge upon the beasts, made our leap up everywhere. Foreign language teacher who
threatened to be so we can not help but "ha ha" laugh. Language teachers also put
dishes to us. I was seen with relish, the English teacher came running behind me,
shouting, "ah ... ..." scared me being smart.

 in the afternoon, foreign language teachers give us two people, one is Millie, and she
dressed like a little witch. There is also a white ratio, he dressed like a Doctor. They
took out a large bag of sugar, sprinkle the child to, candy equally as rain came down,
we crossed the lightning speed to grab candy.

 Time flies, a flash on the school, looked packed to the brim of the pocket, I thought
to myself: This Halloween can be really happy ah!

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