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					Happiness Is not

 happy Do not feel

  term well-being of many, is a hope and a feeling of not been a long time, but My
eyes, happiness will always touch my tentacles, I side by side with the well-being of
its lines by heart, pondering happiness, with the arms of the power to "draw" well.
  when you see a dying patient on the survival of nostalgia, did not you have good
health for themselves and feel happy?
  When you're struggling to trek in the dark, muddy road, do not you as a stranger to
you light the way ahead feel happy?
  When you rush to the malls, do not you open the door for that much for you good
people, and feel happy?
  friend when you and the long-awaited reunion at the table had the good old days, did
you not feel they own past happiness?
  When you dragged his exhausted body and return home after a long absence, are not
affectionate mother standing in the port waiting for a long time to feel happy?
  happy fact, in their own feet, only your share of blind pursuit of "luxury, luxury
well-being rather than to ignore it, you ignore it and you will lose the foot, into the
past , into memory.
  My definition of happiness is simple, do what you love to do, but to comply with
legal requirements, to do things their own pleasure, but not contrary to the scope of
morality and public opinion, I do not like the so-called luxury and something to Less
than happy, this happiness is like a mountain, in case your ability and physically frail
to climb the mountain, nothing to do with you not to go, that is, sudden death halfway.
  simple but not simple, but very easy to be happy, but you have to look to find a pair
of well-being of the eye, but not the lifestyle, he is not understand life, not being
content with who He also no so-called true happiness.
  in life, you're not only plays a role in his own role while also good for several other
roles, whether it is interpreting his own role or perform any other role, as long as your
interpretation of happiness, then there will be new discoveries and new harvest.
  I like the "friend" this song because I like it this happy melody and friends together
to help each other if each heart talk with friends, the kind of warmth and caring of the
well-being, I also like childhood, some say childhood is very naive, but in his
childhood life, so I have a naughty, naughty, open Chatteris, irresponsible happiness.
  happy like fish swimming in water, when you strive to catch up, there is harvest
happiness, happiness is like the fragrant flowers, while comfortable when you heart
and spleen, on a kind of shown a happiness, happiness at this moment, do not look
around, aggregation point, we will give you, and slowly life way, do not complain
about not being as long as you go into the life, enjoy life, in his own life, to hide
Happy origin, stepped on this origin, happy angels, will be the magic radiance,
brilliance, happiness with you onto the ship, heading for happiness, to lay down the
burden of your heart, to find happiness Stock your "luggage" , touched the hearts of
their Fengyun, ride as you are ready to "ship" and get going. / Center>