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									Hanging lanterns hanging lanterns

 hanging lantern hanging lights father

 hanging lantern

  hanging lantern test Dangyang of Hubei Province Que Ya Heart Primary School 204
  New Year, Dad bought a string of red lanterns, there are 16, which has a small lamp,
with wires connected together. I want to hang up lanterns, but knew not where to hang?
I thought for a moment, said, "Dad, the lantern hung in the balcony, right?" His father
said, "can ah!" So my father moved to a stool, I brought tape paper and scissors, and
my father stood on the stool with paper tape to stick one by one lantern in the balcony
door, so that lanterns hung in, my father also found wires and plugs, connect lanterns.
In the evening, through the power after the red lantern on the bright, twinkling,
dazzling to see our family over the festive atmosphere thick ah.

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