Grasshopper and cockroach cockroaches Grasshopper by fdjerue7eeu


									Grasshopper and cockroach cockroaches Grasshopper

 Grasshopper cockroach cage mantis

  grasshopper and cockroach
  Zhengzhou Chen Sicheng Best Foreign Language Primary 2-2 classes I was a
handsome and smart grasshopper, one day I was caught a bad guy, tiny cages. I was
hungry and crowded inside, twittering whining. Later, I was a new owner to buy back
in a big cage, there are many delicious. I'm so happy!
  satiate, I lay in a cage after the break. Suddenly there is a green thing missed my
head, I said angrily, "Who is so wicked, the dream of people woke up!" I see it with a
small head and long, slender body shook a pair of sharp sickle, before we put up a
POS, said, "I am cockroaches!" I glanced at it, disdain. We both played to scramble
for par site, I made a mistake underestimate the enemy, by its sharp sickle pulled the
legs, are killing me. I quickly ran away.
  From then on, I saw a mantis on the flight, mantis living in a cage here, I live over
  until one day, mantis starved to death, I was a new lease of life!

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