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									Grasping butterfly butterfly found

 Butterfly Mom and Dad found loquat

 grasp butterfly

  butterfly grasp Wuhan, Hubei Province Shenyang Road Primary School 2 Grade 6
class Yuanchen Yu
  This day, my father and mother went to the downstairs to the courtyard to play, to
little garden, I found loquat tree are covered with golden loquat fruit, cherry trees and
camphor has taller. I also know that Japan's national flower is the cherry tree too! In
these tree and flower bed, the flower beds in full of the colorful Chinese rose.

 sudden, I am pleased to cry: "Father and Mother, look! Many beautiful butterflies
ah!" I found the Chinese rose on the fly with a lot of dancing butterflies. Look at so
many beautiful butterflies, I could not help but wanted to get one. However, I left
grasping the right flutter, is not caught, I am really very anxious. Mama told me, focus
on the butterfly to be patient, to wait for a parked the butterfly, quietly, quick action to
get its wings. Later, I use my mother told me that the method captures a beautiful
yellow butterflies, I'm so excited!

 At this point, I think my father told me that the little knowledge about butterflies:
butterfly up only a few days of life, I decided to put this beautiful butterfly, as happy
to see it fly the flowers, I am pleased to shoot from the palm!

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