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					Dragonfly grasp it 一只

 dragonfly wings 1 it

 grasp of dragonflies dragonfly
 grasp Longgang District, Shenzhen Experimental School 2 (5) classes Jiang Sheng

 today, I found a lot of grass dragonfly, there is red with green, black ... .... They have
big eyes, two pairs of wings, six legs, there is a slender tail. Including a dragonfly, the
most beautiful, and it wore colorful clothes, in the sunlight, especially gorgeous. I
decided to grasp this only.
 time to catch dragonflies, to slowly close to it, do not let it find, and then squatted
down, his hand gently out into the edge of its wings, suddenly took Qingting caught.
 dragonfly wings my grasp, foot grasp Xiao Douzi it, play it when the transport plane.
After a child, my father returned, he found me playing dragonflies, called it up,
because it is the beneficial insects. I asked my father: "Why is it beneficial insects?"
Dad said, you go right to find information. So I ran home, got the "one hundred
thousand why." Oh, I know, the original Qing Ting will grasp the mosquito, or do
people's weather forecasters, when the weather is about to rain, it will fly very low.
Since then, I will never grasp the dragonfly.

 Instructor: Jiang Yuan

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