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Golden Beach Hotel to go


									Golden Beach Hotel to go to

 mother can go to the beach hotels

 Golden Beach

 golden beach Shenzhen Xili for two primary one [3] Ban Li Yichuan
 7 月 Sunday, 31 Ching

  a heavy rain the next morning, I asked my mother; rain to go to the beach? Mother
said; course could go, we drove the rain Golden Beach Hotel. In the hotel's lobby bar,
I drank a glass called "The Wizard of Oz" drink, drinking while enjoying the sea view.
The sea is very beautiful, rippling blue waves, Haitao beat the shore, far away there
are three ocean-going vessel.

 golden beach is really a quiet place, we fall slight swing to barbecue ...... we enjoy
the sun and sea breeze, as well as forest and laughter. This is a dream.

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