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									Friendly reminder college entrance essay writing essay writing 16

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 college entrance essay writing Friendly reminder 十六 条

  1. Moderation must grasp the topic-oriented parsing, try to figure out the expression
of propositions are what you want to view.
  because although the topic can be found, but in fact each of those propositions will
be exposed to the value of his tendency to resolve on the topic, nearly four years of
college entrance essay are so, so candidates without a full grasp, must not be easily
playing the guitar, it is best to go along thinking of those propositions.
  2. Question can not be, "marking time" (ie the same word, they use the topic as the
title), nor with the topic irrelevant.
  is better then expected and showed surprise, college entrance essay shorter reading
time, which requires the title of the proposed candidates have a clear direction, that is
looking to make the teacher grading the title and topic on the show and can probably
guess the basis of the content of your essay. Conversely, if the teacher grading the title
you have a sense of hope and papers on topics unrelated, it is broken, it shows that
this is a very poor title. Moreover, some candidates to be the first to write text and
then the title, the article written after the title may not have the time to write, probably
forgot to write up the title. Although the score provides Untitled, subtract 2 points, but
the actual result was far from the 2 points. Some people have done this experiment,
the composition will be several well-drafted, according to retain the title and omitted
the title are two types of requests were the two groups of teachers to scoring, the score
difference of 8 points or more generally, this is because Untitled essay grading
teachers created a psychological distance, they unconsciously reduce the scores level.
  3. Can not begin with a word for word copy paper on the topic for the extraction of
materials, not the beginning of the 12 sections written in flat light.
  If the title is "eyes", it begins with "a face", marking the teachers are very concerned
about this, they usually read. In general, changing composition, the beginning of the
12 sub-section read in the past, the basic composition for the impression of this sub
already out. That being the case, the candidate in any event had to make some big
effort at the beginning, to "an appearance" would be "the house down." Or use the
famous aphorism, or alignment, or set suspense, in order to create a beautiful
"crested." If candidates at the beginning of a 200 word on the topic of quoted material,
may give the teacher grading leave a bad impression of inaction.
  4. Bright ideas can not "hold still partly concealed", the best to pursue the "map poor
dagger now."
  as soon as possible after opening to express your understanding of the topic (a
clear-cut, Jen, a blunt instrument, crisp), is to please the teacher grading a small detail,
must not be overlooked. Do not let him strenuous to find your point of view, unless
your story is very attractive.
  5. Stories can not simply imitate the plot of the original subject material, nor lose the
original subject material intrinsically linked.
 when some students writing the easy way, no brains, just a simple imitation of
subject material and then weave a story similar story. This is undesirable, which is
equivalent to write on the topic of material expansion can not reflect his profound
understanding of the topic, certainly not the high scores.
 6. Infant of selection can not.
 Middle School students, and selection can not be the same as primary school
students, writing of "helping the old lady cross the road, students locked in to a
rubber" and other Infant of story. Idea, we might first think of the language the story
of the book there is no suitable, because the teachers are like "Learning" students.
 7. Narrative must have a relatively complete story.
 let examiners know you talk about something more concrete things; must have one
or two relatively clear, vivid characters, so that examiners felt the character's inner
and external life: in particular, attention to detail description and, a good is worth a
thousand words describing the details, if you want to make statements should be
concise, touched in passing. For example, no more discussion paper, each case can not
exceed 80 words. Since when analyzing the argumentative, the main discussion.
However, many candidates is often a mistake to replace discussions with a description
of examples, just to mention a writing point of view, and even written a few examples.
This article argues there is no in-depth analysis, is not called argumentation. In an
exemplary discussion paper, for example, 2-3 months is appropriate, but also simple,
generally do not write details on the case can not describe, only comments.
 8. Can not write sensitive political figures, events, students can not write-style love
 secondary school students to the world, life, knowledge of things not quite
comprehensive, profound enough for the sensitive political figures, political events,
difficult to form a complex objective, dialectical evaluation, and therefore not written
better. Students type of love at the present moment can not be accepted by the teacher
grading will only lead to resentment, must not be written. Less esoteric science fiction
writing, writing fairy tales, fables, do not be too subtle.
 9. Can not be read as a moment to "play deep (ah ... ...)", while "playing philosophy
(oh ... ...)."
 of these ideas are vague, ambiguous events, shadows sway, emotion floating,
mysterious, often annoying the examiners, often sub-sub-impact evidence.
 l0. Wording of the question to elaborate on live, do not tamper with the sensitive
topic of words, or partial title, too prone.
 if "good faith" can not write "honest", "tolerance" can not be written
 11. Writing the characters can not appear in "John, Peter," the name of the class
 name with these foreign teachers left the impression that only enough scoring,
"neither fish nor fowl, cynicism."
 l2. Writing very sensitive to the first examination, abdominal, tail composed of three
sections of "pig style" structure.
  can be the middle of a large section of multisection few paragraphs. You can become
a mature and sophisticated, two teachers make clear marking. Thousands of words
within the composition, divided into 5-8 as well.
  l3. Literal language is strictly prohibited mixed composition: do not use other people
can not understand the dialect, network terminology: a small multi-purpose phrase
with a long sentence.
  for grading teachers are liberal arts graduates, so candidates do not use physical
science, chemistry esoteric term operation.
  14. Exam essay must see words requirements.
  limit of maximum number of words, do not over; limit the minimum number of
words, and certainly enough to write the number or slightly more than 50-100 words
we go. Insufficient number of words that the article content is often weak, difficult to
score on the grade. Too many words, eloquent than thousand words will give the
feeling of scoring by a kind of bloated.
  l5. Writing to standard punctuation, never be an easier route and all points a little.
  few punctuation writing need special attention:
  ① his party not to appear the first period, comma, question mark, exclamation mark,
comma, semicolon, you can squeeze these symbols at the end of the first line;
  ② quotation marks, brackets, quotation marks not appear in the first half of the end
of a line, you can write these symbols crowded in the back of a word does not appear
in a line after the first half, you can squeeze these symbols on the end line ;
  ③ ellipsis, dash accounted for the two cells can not be broken, when the crowd was
no less than the end of the line.
  16. Beginning of a book marking a direct effect on the psychological and emotional
  look at than most people see running script Chinese calligraphy fees great strength,
so the best candidates to write in italics, a stroke clear. Essay was written, the best do
not change. Of course, if there are typos, wrong use of the word, it must be modified.
Short change must be done well, neat, where deleted, where the increase to be people
at a glance.

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