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  flute lesson
  last night, I went to Wang family to learn flute. Wang home filled with a variety of
flutes, Wang introduced the flute to me, flute, also taught me about the body, I know
there are blowing holes flute, film hole, finger holes.
  task of this class is to the flute sounded, the teacher speech was very interesting
analogy is the method used to teach me how to blow. Flute like a thermos bottle to
pour in, if the water poured into the middle of the quiet, to the envy of the wall down
to the water only voice. Wang asked me to give it a try, but I do not sound how wind
blew, it sounded sister. I was very worried, anxious my tears to flow out, when Wang
brought a mirror and told me to toward ytterbium child PuPu practice, hard work pays
off, I finally sounded, the teacher praised me, and I heart sweetly, than to eat the
honey still sweet!

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