Flag-raising Flag-raising ceremony by fdjerue7eeu


									Flag-raising Flag-raising ceremony,

 flag-raising ceremony a week with

  flag-raising in Baoji City Street Light Introduction of first grade class every Monday,
I have early to the school. This is because in the playground on Monday morning
flag-raising ceremony.
  table that we just listen to the students said: The first: the flag, the Young Pioneers
Team, along with a standard bearer marching song with; the second item: the flag,
national anthem, accompanied by five-star red flag slowly rose to the sky, we, the
Young Pioneers Members stood in a line of solemn ceremony team; the third: the
national flag under the speech, I listened to the speech teacher and students,
encouraged by heart, I am really serious to do everything they say.
's flag-raising ceremony every Monday gave me impressed!
  Teacher: Postgraduate Course
  reviews: narrative is structured, well written.
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