; Excuse for an excuse not
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Excuse for an excuse not


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									Excuse for an excuse not

 excuse not to choose their own

  In the past, memory is blank. Long to be forgotten for granted, it was discovered that
I do not remember not only those buried in the soul. I always thought it had granted a
  I do not know how many times looking for an excuse to lie I can not bear, I chose to
escape, do not resist, do not struggle ... ..., may be doomed to a fate in it. The choice
in life, I think I will again and again the choice of subject.
  frequently read in a month filled with subject matter for the honest and trustworthy,
but the taste is full of ink like the claws of Chinese characters ridicule me, let me no
matter from that time, the Federation of comfort Hou own look.
  Quemo to pursue a desire, because it is only the desire but not ideal, but my ideals
are not saints, I have been pondering this ... ..., cowardly alive, I have been destined to
do . Not as desperate as others to fight, for me, like moths that fire is not to great, just
a stupid idea.
  later, I think I own this way has nothing to do with, commonplace over, flat Fanfan's
life, but it is also an ideal in the completion of their own, my own understanding of
the unwilling.
  I want to own a perfect, but it is also think of the old strike, I found that I seem to
have no action. I tied it and did not want to correct, I think perhaps this is my bones
branded a mark on it, not to overcome, but I do not know, maybe this is an excuse.
  I live a lie, cheat to my self-deception from others, and finally I own is also cheating
themselves, in fact, I do not want this, but it has certainly made under my own, and
each time pulling a lie. I would feel themselves living in this tangled world, how to go
to Yen is also sometimes think that the world itself lies on the existence of this right, I
sometimes think they are the dream, just like you that live in full sun The bright office,
onlookers said, in fact you live in the shadow.
  documented that the book was inspired by the chance to change their own present
situation, those people for me, life is like a dream usually blurred to the incredible, I
sometimes With ... ... the ideal. And self-mockery; my future will not be like those
people who have long lost kind of like a beautiful butterfly to fly, could not get the
Red rolling, you still can not find two the same butterfly, an old saying 'life is like a
drama, we are the actors on stage singing opera actors babbling, according to carry on
a long-good script, yes ah. 'If Life is a drama, then I do not want actors, writer and
director is the career I want, I want to dominate their own, to create their own life,
dance, perform their own dreams.
  I want to be, it is only their own which piece of the sky, I may return to language
both times, outspoken. May become an extraordinary mind, maybe ... ... but for the
future, I will always maintain the natural attitude, because the later is only a
hypothesis, but not a correct assumption that the future is like.
  I do not have lofty ambitions, nor the goal of survival, all the Going for me, and now
try and try again, and finally come to just an ordinary fellow, I do not want to hit, so I
will not blow buried hints.
  mind is a dark secret, step to find a glimmer of light, that now own the most real
being, the future will never be like it was before, had already passed, but the future
has not come in the world no one is prophet, no one perfect, the future is
unpredictable, as you visit this business works out, the stairs are stairs Hom Bandao
not care, tree jade Calm mindful of the fact, you are your total will be, not your sera,
can not insist too strongly, the fate of the test you will not only take time to stop the
old, if you do not grasp this opportunity, then perhaps you should have 17 years of age
in what should be , but you only get this in 25 years of age belong to you.
  destiny is equal, you have not a trajectory of human destiny.
  value now I have people who are important people, so I will not let them cautious
not injured, even make me black and blue, because some people are shackles, did not
mean to give up on giving up, I'm important people for me are my all, as they say,
each with a conscience will protect the Chinese in their own country, even if we
expend all the same as ... ...
  traveler even cosmopolitan prodigal son home, but also always return to their own
home, because time is the best medicine, the pain will be with the hearts of the lost
time, then disregarded, so you do not have that life if only as the first time. [Thanks
for reading this article, this article from [worry document] www.5udoc.com collection
and sorting, to thank the original author] / center>

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