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					My home lamp table lamp every day

 lamp button every day to thank

 My House Table Lamp

 My House Table Lamp
 Guangdong Province, Zhuhai, Beaconsfield Primary School 2 ( 2) Ban Leong Ka

 003 on Friday, October 9 Weather: sunny

 My family has a lamp, is I was 6 years old when my mother gave me half to buy.

  This table lamp looks like a penguin, a long mouth (miles) hidden in a lamp, table
lamp has two buttons above the foot, the left button is the lighting, the right button is
oxygen, lamp in the middle of a station alarm clock, light is white, shade is blue, the
other is I put it on the desk, it is very light, very bright, I love it, do homework every
day, sitting under the lamp, it also accompanied me every day, ah lamp table lamp, but
I'll have to pull out to protect you, love you, use you.

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