Etiquette and manners by fdjerue7eeu


									Manners and etiquette

 ritual and feel taekwondo

  I was a little timid and introverted boy, my nose 上架着一副 small glasses, people
think I am Some quiet. But I chose to learn taekwondo.
  course in learning Tae Kwon Do, I understand a lot of sense: people always have to
suffer to be successful, not how to get success through suffering? To be successful
must also adhere to.
  I started on the Taekwondo class when a few very simple and very easy, but on a few
classes later on that more and more difficult. Still it is time to pull the kind of
ligament pain is simply unbearable, and sometimes almost all cried out, but I
refrained. And was maintained until now, have three months. (
  I would not only be trained in the physical, ritual is also a big step forward. I
understand that if the class is late, and he and coach salute to play again. If you
accidentally kicked during practice others, to salute an apology. In life, see a teacher
to bow, to see elders to say hello, not only that, on a bus, to give others seat ... ...
  learning Taekwondo, not only against a flow of physical health, but also can learn
etiquette, relax the body, I like Tae Kwon Do! / center>

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