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 college entrance exam guidance topic
 from the entrance is only two weeks time. During this time, the vast number of
candidates who will have to focus on doing two things, first, knowledge consolidation,
consolidation; Second, to make full preparations Ying Kao.
 on the physical sciences, the students must first carefully controlled syllabus to see if
there is no knowledge of the loopholes, not to ignore the knowledge of each point.
Some knowledge of the content may need to point out to look at the textbooks, for
example, two important experimental mechanics, "explore the acceleration and force,
the quality of relations", "explore the power and speed of change in object relations";
electricity in "Multimeter construction and use"; the basics of atomic physics. Some
important laws and methods to be done by the subject of the past out to see or even do
so, in order to achieve further consolidation of results.
 Second, several large-scale simulation tests since Middle School and high quality
science comprehensive analysis of test questions carefully, in particular, was the
wrong place, to find out cause of the error, giving top priority to achieve control by
summing up several issues the effect of a class topic.
 again, under the usual summary of the teachers and their own experience, college
entrance examination this year may predict what kind of subject, for example, the
application of basic laws of kinematics (including the celestial body of knowledge);
charged particles in the composite field in exercise; dynamics and Newton's Second
Law applied functional relationships (including momentum) Comprehensive
Examination. Find some similar topics appropriate simulation exercises, one to a
highly targeted, but also to enhance their confidence.
 Note on the college entrance examination for the other sectors, ensure good quality
sleep is very important, if the excitement is still studying in the evening, the day when
there may be mental fatigue tests, to adjust work schedules as soon as possible;
candidates should eat something light nutritious food, but do not eat too much, a
healthy body is a good prerequisite for entrance to play. Is not a time for such football,
basketball and other intense sports, wake up some morning jogging, after dinner walk
with your family can achieve better results.
 Parents please pay more attention to children's thinking and their psychological
changes. College entrance examination, they found that children may have irritability,
weariness, and other emotions, it is normal, do not be too anxious, you can use family
to remove these negative emotions. Parents should talk more with their children as
much as possible. Some parents are not good at communicating with their children,
that her children do not want to talk with the parents, talk with your kids here, please
note that way. If this trick not working, please use the language and communicate
with their children, their parents were sincere when children read the text, inevitably
 parent for the child to create a quiet, peaceful family environment. School
environment on the Middle School students in a school roughly the same, while the
family environment are different, these days, might welcome a little less rushed, less
entertainment for the children to create a calm and relaxed environment. Children
read a long time, try a cup of tea or milk on the child gently around, and then gently
 during the examination period, the weather has been warmer, and all the exam rooms
are not air-conditioned, so a few days before the test began, they should let the
children adapt to the environment. Home without air conditioning to keep the
environment consistent with the examination room, and do not care about too much
noise and other effects, increased tolerance to noise interference. / Center>