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 fox doctors old mother hen chicks

 fox one day a doctor, the old hens to go out and find food to children, and family
only chicken boss and her younger brother, the third son and fourth eldest at home.
 in the misty snow, a hungry fox is everywhere looking for food, it went into a
mountain, took the hill, came to a hospital in a tap luck. Suddenly, he heard a doctor
outside the old sheep in the other doctor said: "Today, let me take care of the old hen
chicks, where do the hard work to you." Fox 1, Yanzhuyizhuan, there is a way to eat
 until it is only when one old sheep stunned the old sheep, and put the old sheep's
clothes, dig back the old sheep medicine cabinet.
 fox down the mountain, came to the chicken house, a view from the window to the
inside, really just a yellow, fluffy chicks playing. See his saliva to flow down his
emotional stability of the stable, they knocked on the door, inviting noise son, said: "I
am an old sheep, ah, ah Open the door."
 boss one, happily walking went to the door, thanks to the third son pulled it,
whispered: "look at it is not old sheep, mother not let us be careful when taking one?"
boss nodded. They looked from the door and saw a big hairy tail, and then look
closely, said: "It is the fox." Boss decided to send a telephone call old hen, old hen
heard, came fast, the dogs Police also brought. Finally, the fox is that they pack up.
 ha ha, today, the old fox into the hen a meal to thank the police dog.
 Central Primary School 2 (4) Class Huang Hao-yang
 Instructor: Sun 69 article from [worry document] www.5udoc.com collection and
sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>

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