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Double bike pedals bike


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									Double bike pedals bike

 double pedal bike uncle

 tandem bicycle

  double bike Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Pu Shoes City Primary School 2 (5)
Class Linshu Fan
  winter evening, chilly. DPRK military uncle and aunt with Chen as sister to the
Riverside road to play South-South, drive past me and her mother. Arrived, her
mother called the DPRK army's uncle took my bike to ride double.
  We rented a tandem bicycle, tandem bicycle has two pedals, the uncle sat in front, I
sat back, his uncle said, "You go to prison ah. Ready, GO!" We set off together .
  beginning, uncle rode so fast, I step on the pedals keep up with his speed. Then I said
"Uncle, you ride a little slower." Uncle will not ride up, just hold the direction of a
person standing on my pedals. My uncle was too hard, and on riding with me. Slowly
we rode up fast, skilled up, I can ride side, while the river to see the scenery, brilliant
light across the middle of the river Island, really beautiful, ah! Riverside Road, we
turn full circle around another circle. Winter night wind blows, I do not think the cold.

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