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									Donald Duck Fun Fun

 Fun Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Park,


  Fun Fuyang, Zhejiang Province Second City Fuyang Fuchun Primary Three (1)
Class Wang
  can be cold with a golden autumn, walked a brisk pace, to the fairy tale village. This
is a lovely morning, Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck tales in the village driving a
pink car, interested in the peace park to picnic.

 to the park entrance, they are shocked, good school of beautiful scenery, a variety of
colors of the chrysanthemum contests, and a red, white, yellow, purple ... ... really
strange, nothing do not have. Yi Keke tall and straight trees, full of energy stood the
park entrance, just like the same defense of the park guards. Mickey Mouse and
Donald Duck said in unison: "so beautiful ah!"

  into the park, the park can be so lively, full of a happy atmosphere. Donald Duck and
Mickey Mouse came to a quiet little pond, little pond water clear as a mirror. Donald
Duck saw a small pond, jump three feet high for a happy, his mouth saying: "Great,
great!" Talking down the side can not wait to jump on, while Donald Duck Tour here ,
while swim to it and is playing really happy. Standing on the shore of the Mickey
Mouse green with envy. Donald said: "Mickey Mouse, fast down, play with me!"
Mickey shook his hand and stammered: "I ... ... can not swim, I'll drown down."
Suddenly, Mickey Mouse brainwave a move, came up with a good idea. He Batui go
out into the park where the crowds went there, he went to his car, and carefully put a
tire dumping down, then returned to the pond, the tire cover in the body, jumped into
the pond with Donald Duck playing chase with, good time really happy.

 leisure noise, birds chirping sound of branches, merged into a nice music, floating in
the lake ... ...

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