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					Dad, I want to say to you Mom and Dad

 father in Jinjiang City, studying mother

 Dad, I want to tell you

 Dad Dad, I want to tell you
 Jinjiang City, Fujian Province Jinjiang City Experimental Primary School for three
years six classes Su Kunxian

 father, my dear father, you are at home everything Well, that love to drink well. I
hope you can quit the wine.

 You are very concerned about our learning, but because you usually drink, and her
mother angry, so that we can not feel at ease to learn.

  one night, all 12, and the window to blowing cold wind whistling, the pitch-dark,
people already immersed in the warm sleep, may the lights in our home, my sister and
I , my brother, my mother could not go to sleep, only to wait for one person - my
father. We are all worried about your. Because this morning, some friends called to
ask you a few drinks, said it was to a good friend for many years after leaving Jiefeng
it. I think your mother will not let your fear just looking for an excuse to go bar. One
did not expect to go all day, certainly is Zuixun Xun's ... ...

  "Tap ... ..." knock startled me, certainly my father back. Mother rush to the door, I
followed behind her and saw two of your uncle Chanfu the alcohol soaring in,
embarrassed, said: "I'm sorry, wife, let Yunlong drink two cups of." My mother not
only did not blame them , to thank them take you back afterwards. This time you
flushed with enjoyable and very strong mouth is nonsense, while crying, while
laughing, look scary. Not unlike the days when amiable father. I would like to tell you
to see this: "fast wine to quit, to your health, and to our family's happiness."

 Instructor: Zhuangqiu Hong

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