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 cute dog

% D cute dog % A Jining, Shandong Province Economic City Yanzhou Mining Group
East Village elementary school class Zhao Tianyu
  grandmother today Zuoju Hui family home, afar off see a dog mom - little bit of
running to us, it is simply a mad dog, rushed to us, we turn around. To front of the
house and saw a white dog is fat, I call it fat, it's face looks like a sheep, but no longer
"horn", which, like body hair like cotton White, licking it like other people's hands,
eat later, it got into the nest to sleep, exposed white belly. As long as a mother dog to
lie down, fat on pounced to nurse, it is very greedy, ate all the nipple again. A
symbiotic mother dog had four puppies, the other three were given away, leaving only
the fat. I think fat is really a cute little dog, I like it.
  Supervisor: Zhu Jing
  Comment: cute puppy

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