AESOP TEACHER INSTRUCTIONS

                          Lori Durkee- Sub/Absence Facilitator
                                     Phone Numbers:
                         4:45 a.m. – 8:15 a.m. @(586) 468-8428
                         8:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m. @(586) 723-2100

                 Call in Number: (800)942-3767
             Web Site:
       Login: Two zeros followed by 6 digit employee number
                   Password: 5 digit password

       Please review the following instructions to report your absences.
IMPORTANT: To register in the automated system, you must record your name by
calling (800) 942-3767. It is important to register in the system so that your name will be
identified prior to your absence to the Substitute Teacher. Please listen to the prompts to
guide you in this process. (This only needs to be done 1 time.)

                            SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS

Time Frames:

   -    Reporting absences no later then 2/hrs. prior to scheduled work time for system to
        place a sub.
   -    Late Calls reporting less then 2/hrs. prior, must be called in to Lori at (586) 468-
   -    You may cancel an absence up to 24/hrs. prior to scheduled start time.

Absences other then ½ day or full day:

   -    If a sub is required for hourly absences, please contact your administrator for
        approval and internal coverage will be found for you for emergency reasons only.
   -    All hourly absences must be reported to your Principal, even if a sub is not
        required and they will be reported quarterly for emergency reasons.
   -    Do not enter in AESOP if absence is anything other than a half or full day.

Personal Business (PB)

        Leave of Absence forms must be filled out on-line (7) seven days prior to your
        absence and sent to Administrator via email for approval. He or she will then
        forward to HR. Once the leave form has been approved and sent back to you via
        email, you must enter your absence in the AESOP system.
Emergency Personal Busines (EPB)

       A code is provided in the system as EPB. Please record your emergency personal
       business day by identifying this code. Please inform your Principal as to the
       reason for your emergency personal business. No form is required.

Funeral (BER)

       Enter your funeral day as an absence in the subfinder system using the ber. code.
       Please submit an e-mail to Lori identifying the relationship. No leave form is

School Business (Blue Form)

       Do not report your absence in the AESOP System
   -   All School Business must be requested on the appropriate school business form
       and sent to your Principal, Curriculum or Special Education for approval.
   -   Upon approval, Lori will receive the form and request a sub in your assignment.

Long Term Subs – (Longer than 10 days)

       All long term subs need to be requested to Lori through your principal.

Job Start and Ending Times

        The system will default to the starting and ending times of your building. Please
do not change start or ending times unless you are only taking a half day. If you are
taking a half day, please select the half day a.m. or half day p.m. selection. They times
will automatically be entered for you.

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