Charming charming sky Star by fdjerue7eeu


									Star charming charming night

 fascinating night sky really like

  charming Star
  Qinhuangdao Development Zone, the first group of Li Jia Ru in elementary school,
after dinner, I sat balcony chair gazed the stars.
  clear night sky Stars are shining in the night sky I was deeply intoxicated with the
stars, they really like a group of naughty children, again I keep a wink.
  deep blue starry night sky, really like a huge chessboard. Looking at the beautiful
sky reminds me of my grandmother's words: "How many people on the ground, how
many stars there are in heaven. Good star bright star dark villain." If this statement is
true, I hope that my stars will be exceptionally bright, I want to shine selflessly
dedicated to human.
  Instructor: Liu Li

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