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									But my grandmother Grandma

 grandmother, but thrifty father

 My grandmother

  My grandmother
  Shenzhen, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province Baoan District, township music school
were five (2) classes Tang Fang
  My grandmother has more than 70 years old or so her body can be tough. Less than
one meter tall grandmother six, but worse than the average person is not walking.
  about my grandmother can only be used to describe the word, that is thrift. Although
her grandmother were generous, but must say that, but in saving money in the savings.
I remember one time my father and grandparents took me to visit this all music stores,
because they both always come to Shenzhen, the Chinese New Year here, so pay
special generous father. The father should not have to buy to buy to buy, he also
bought. Results to foot the bill when she asked the father one: "How much." Dad said:
"The more than 300 pieces." Grandma 1, faces mutation. : "How then Guia?" Dad just
smiled a little. The results also home Grandma lips were: "It's too expensive, should
not buy to buy, Ah!" Dad still did not respond.
  grandmother is not only thrifty, but also a love of labor. Change of clothes every
time I told him not to wash, but she did not listen. Sometimes I really can not get him.
I often think: Why so old grandmother still so thrifty, so love of labor? Grandma said:
"Work is the basic exercise, ah, people want to come back to live longer and more
exercise! I heard straight nodded.
  I'm so proud to have such a grandma!

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