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									Bunny bunny rabbits also peach

 little bunny rabbits peach monkey

 bunny also peach

% D bunny also peach % A Wenling City, Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, Taiping 4
first grade classes Guo Yaqi
  one day, blue skies. White Rabbit wearing little maiden's red dress, wearing bows,
happily to mushroom. It went half way to see the floor has a big red peach, a small
rabbit like: "peach owner of lost property must be very anxious, I must get back to
call the owner peaches." Rabbits holding a peach tree to a large , see Woodpecker tree
doctor is medical treatment, rabbits, said: "Excuse me, this peach is that you lost?"
Woodpecker doctor said: "I'm sorry, this is not my peaches." White Rabbit, said: "It
does not matter Woodpecker medical bye. "rabbits goats walked met Uncle, rabbits,
said:" Excuse me, this peach is your lost? "Uncle Goat said:" This is not my peaches.
"rabbits from scratch Saotou skin, said to himself: "This peach in the end is that one?"
little rabbit went under a peach tree, see the little monkeys are a few peaches. Pat
rabbits forehead, Yanzhuyizhuan It turned out that peaches are small monkeys. White
Rabbit said: "Little monkey, this is you lose the peach?" Little monkeys said: "Thank
you, this is my peach." Rabbits from the peaches back to the small monkeys, went
picking mushrooms the. I think only rabbits manners, things picked up back to others,
we should all learn from it.

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