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 Bunny Adventures oldest brother,

 Bunny Adventures

 Bunny Adventures
 Wang Fuqing, Fujian Road, Central Primary School three classes Chenjia Hong
 in a forest, there lived three lovely and brave little rabbit.

 day, three little rabbits leave their Mom and Dad, they began the adventure. Boss
walk in front of the third son walking in the middle of her second child to go behind. I
do not know how long away, boss turned to a look at the third son and second child
are gone, boss is very anxious, I thought: if can not find the younger brother and little
brother, I went back to Mom and Dad explain how ah? Boss anxious round and round,
suddenly had an idea because he knew the road surface rabbit class will leave the
smell traveled, so he According to this, walking along the scent. He walked, suddenly,
he was landing in thicket of a deep hole, rolled a place, he opened my eyes and saw
his brother were there, had just passed, blocked by a wolf, wolf exposed sharp teeth,
see the hare, salivating. The wolf sprang to the bunny, boss to see on the ground with
a stone, and quickly pick it up, heavily hit the wolf's head, wolf passed out,
immediately grabs his eldest brother, who ran to the Light Department, he climbed out
of the hole, when his younger brothers woke up, my brother say: "What happened?"
"home talk to you about." Boss said, "Go, or we're dead!" finished , eldest on pulling
them to go home. At this time, was beaten unconscious with a stone wolf boss
climbed out to go to the bunny chase. Seeing that the wolf would catch up, and boss
suddenly had an idea, turning a corner. The wolf saw the rabbit disappear, I feel very
strange. Then stopped, pulling away from the wolf boss smart and safe return home.
Home, already dark, the rabbit's father and mother waiting by the door, the rabbit's
father and mother saw her son had just come back, and quickly ran up hugged them
and said gently: "What happened to the children?"

 "Just now we are a wolf to catch up, fortunately I think a good way to throw off the
wolf." boss that his father thumbs up and said: "Child You're capable! "

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