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ILP Instructions An ILP is required prior to any by laurencapron


									ILP Instructions :

   1. An ILP is required prior to any education reimbursement. For Regular Force
      members, your ILP must be submitted prior to registering for the course. For
      Reserve members, there is some flexibility in submitting the ILP, but it should be
      done as early as possible.
   2. ILPs must now be submitted on-line from the CDA website. Note that, in order to
      access the on-line ILP form, you require an Employee Member Access
      Application (EMAA) log-in.
   3. If you do not already have an EMAA account, visit the following site to obtain
   4. If you do not have a DWAN account, you may still obtain an EMAA account by
      calling (613) 996-3333.

Points to Note when completing the ILP:

   1. To create a new ILP, select “Create New ILP”. To amend an existing ILP, select
      “List Own ILPs”, then select the ILP, then under ACTION, select “Amend”.
   2. The ILP must be filled out fully and completely or it will not be accepted.
   3. Ensure that there are no error messages. ILPs with error messages will not be
   4. You must provide substantiation as to why the program of study will be beneficial
      to the Canadian Forces. The only exception is for those personnel who are
      eligible under the Skills Completion Program, in which case the program must be
      beneficial to your second career plans. Please note that completion of high
      school, or completion of an initial baccalaureate degree is generally held to be
      beneficial to the CF and requires little additional substantiation.
   5. Ensure that you provide a cost forecast for the full length of your program, or for
      the full 5 years included in the ILP form, whichever is less. (Note that the ILP is
      limited to 5 years. If your program of study will take longer, you will have to
      submit an amendment to your ILP in the future.)
   6. Ensure that your cost forecasts are filled in for the correct Academic Years. Note
      that an Academic Year runs from 1 September to 31 August of the following year.
      For example, academic year 2007/2008 runs from 01 September 2007 until 31
      August 2008.
   7. When doing cost forecasts for future years, do not forget inflation.
   8. Remember that if your program of study, or your projected costs, or your status in
      the CF (Regular, Reserve or released) changes, you must submit an amendment to
      your ILP.
   9. If it takes you longer to complete your courses than you originally predicted, you
      must submit an amendment to your ILP or you will not be reimbursed for
      subsequent academic years.

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