A misunderstanding of a misunderstanding by fdjerue7eeu


									Misunderstanding misunderstanding

 misunderstanding Xiao Ming playing

 2009 年 4 sunny Thursday, 30

 misunderstanding of Gansu Province Jing, Department of Primary Coal Company 2 2 (3) Ban Ki
 Yang out of the window, sun, red, white clouds gently floating, birds singing in the trees,
butterflies dancing in the flowers. Xiao Ming is a classroom taking notes, suddenly, out came
"You fight your fight" noise.
 "Oh, good, and some students in the fighting. I'm going to stop them." Said Xiaoming worry.
 Xiao Ming quickly went below, he xindongzhang in West looked at, but he did not find little
children fighting.
 moment, he saw several children playing in front of table tennis. He move their heads, said to
himself: "Yes, it is children playing table tennis!" He suddenly realized he sings, said: "originally
was a misunderstanding ah ... ..."

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