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					A map with eggshell eggshell paste paste

  piece of eggshell paste map
  a paste with egg map
  6 月 8 日
  6 One day I saw on television with Hu Jintao, grandfather and kids stick with eggshell map, is
very beautiful, I would like to stick. I asked my mother to me save egg shells, in order to save egg
shells, I asked my mother to eat eggs every day for me. Everyday after school I asked my mother
save a few shells.
  today, finally had enough, I am excited about the dancing. First, I painted over the map, the
broken egg shell breaking off, get a small forceps, began to stick. Just stick the time do not know
where to start, shell sticking out of my hands, and stick one on more smoothly, every stick
complete a province, mother gave me the edge repair. In order to stick the map, I eat a meal, stick
to the evening at eight, just stick in half. Mom said too late, and then stick it tomorrow, I would
like too, have school tomorrow then.
  I will finish it tomorrow.

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