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					A letter to the mayor a letter uncle Mayor

 letter from the mayor uncle Changsha

 letter to the mayor uncle

 letter to the mayor uncle
 Tianxin District Tianxin District Yang Tianhu second grade Wuban Liu Ziqi
 Dear Mayor uncle:


 Yang Tianhu I was a young pioneer in second Wuban named Liu Ziqi, this year, seven years old,
who lives next to the TV Center in Changsha City.

  I go to school every day to go through a wide main road - the labor road, where cars come and go
can really multi-ah! We have taxis, motorcycles, cars, trucks, bicycles, and many bus routes, really
steady stream. However, there is neither the police directing traffic uncle, nor the beautiful and
spectacular underground passage pedestrian bridge, and many drivers are very overbearing uncle
to drive too fast and fierce, and extremely dangerous. Every day I go to school, after school, are as
large as many students like me who took her mother's hand tightly, like, nervous, carefully cross
the road, for fear of accidentally knocked down by car will be my heart really scared .

 Our children are the future and hope, is the growing of flowers, we need a peaceful environment
to study and better life. How I hope that one day I can and students carefree, happy a person to go
to school, no suspense, no fear of danger, it would not have let my mother so much trouble.

 mayor uncle, you wish you can help me achieve this? Set up a traffic light at this intersection or
building an underground passage, there will be many like me as a child's face will smile more
brilliant! You respect a team of young pioneers gift!

 I wish you

 good health and smooth work!

 Tianxin District Yang Tianhu primary two Wuban

 Liu Ziqi

 January 2005 on the 22nd
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