A clever clever little rabbit by fdjerue7eeu


									Clever little rabbit a smart

  clever little rabbit mushroom 一只
  clever little rabbit (040926)
  day of going to rain, rabbits are closed window with an umbrella to go to my mother dinner
comes the reckoning.
  rabbits walking up to go, come to a big apple tree. See the big trees around the Changzhexuduo
mushrooms, mushrooms are like a big distraction umbrella, very beautiful.
  1 Xiaoci Wei stood under the apple tree, looked up at the fruit, with some clever methods, how
has Apple not Abstract. White Rabbit said: "Xiaoci Wei, do not worry, I'll give you think of a
  small white rabbit into a hook with an umbrella, an apple falling from a tree. Xiaoci Wei and said:
"Thank you, rabbits sister."
  small rabbit and Xiao Ciwei Abstract pleased with Apple. Suddenly, came a big bad wolf. Xiaoci
Wei said anxiously: "Gan Kuaitao it! Rabbits sister." Rabbits touched the head. Then said: "I know
now." It distraction umbrella, and Xiao Ciwei squatted together under the umbrella, at first glance,
like a bloom of large mushrooms. Wolf left to see the right look, nothing was found, had gone.
  This is really a clever little rabbit.
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