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Siebel Patch Instructions by jasminebyrd


									Siebel Patch Instructions

Navigate to Site Map and click on Web Browser Administration:

Then click on the Browsers link:

Create a new entry labeled IE 7.0

And then create the following Capabilities:

"ActiveX" or "Browser" or "CookiesAllowed" or "DHTML" or "DefaultMarkup" or "FrameSupport" or "HighInteract" or "JavaApplets" or
"JavaScript" or "JavaScriptVer" or "StyleSheets" or "SynchExternalContent" or "TableSupport" or "VBScript" or "Version" or "WAP" or "XML"

Capability Name        Capability Value        Description
ActiveX                        TRUE            ActiveX
Browser                         IE             Browser
CookiesAllowed                 TRUE            CookiesAllowed
DHTML                          TRUE            DHTML
DefaultMarkup                 HTML             DefaultMarkup
FrameSupport                   TRUE            FrameSupport
HighInteract                   TRUE            HighInteract
JavaApplets                    TRUE            JavaApplets
JavaScript                     TRUE            JavaScript
JavaScriptVer                   1.3            JavaScriptVer
StyleSheets                    TRUE            StyleSheets
SynchExternalContent           TRUE            SynchExternalContent
TableSupport                   TRUE            TableSupport
VBScript                       TRUE            VBScript
Version                          7             Version
WAP                           FALSE            WAP
XML                            TRUE            XML
Then create a new entry labeled MSIE 7.0

And add the following capabilities:

Name            Capability Value                                           Description
                image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg,
                application/, application/,
Accept          application/msword, */*                                    Accept
JumpTab                                          TRUE
Parent          IE 7.0                                                     Parent
User-Agent      Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.                           User-Agent

Once these main two entries have been added then restart the Siebel Services.

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