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In the choice of eight physical examination in the examination of physical solution by fdjerue7eeu


									Physics multiple choice questions in the eight test solution physics exam

 multiple-choice questions in the physical examination method

  1. Direct Judgement. Through observation, direct from the subject in the given conditions,
according to the law introduced by the knowledge and the correct result, to make judgments,
determine the correct options. It is suitable for basic reasoning is not a simple subject and turns.
These questions test the students used the knowledge of the physical memory and comprehension,
are common-sense knowledge of the subject.
  2. Out of exclusion. This method to read the meaning of problems, based on the requirements
under the title, first obvious answer is wrong or unreasonable options excluded one by one,
leaving only the correct answer. Note Sometimes the wrong option selected subject requirements
that exclude the correct option.
  3. Converse Thinking. This approach is all the answer from the Commission to start, to analyze
the meaning of problems, that is were the answer to all the physical phenomena and processes as
given conditions, after careful thought and analysis, be set down Tuichu title in the conditions or
to meet requirements, the answer to the option to make the right choice.
  4. Reductio ad absurdum reductio ad absurdum. This approach is first presented and the
conclusions of the theorem assume the opposite, and then derived from this assumption and the
results contradict the known conditions, so that the original assumptions no confirmed theorems.
  5. Concepts of Law. Concept of law is a confusing title Analysis of the physical concepts, to
determine the method is wrong.
  6. Numerical solution method. Calculation is based on data given proposition, or formula used to
calculate the physical results and comparison with alternative answers, make the right choice, this
approach involves the physical quantities are used for more difficult topics.
  7. Reasoning. According to the conditions of issue, using the laws of physics, physics, or physics
formulas by logical reasoning or calculating the correct answer, and then answer the control with
the option to choose.
  8. Assignment method. Some multiple choice questions show the general situation is more
difficult to judge directly, he may set conditions for the title first assignment on behalf of the
people tested to see whether the proposition is correct, draw a conclusion. Friendly reminder: This
article comes from worry-free document collection and collation, special thanks to the original
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