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					                                    The European Eco-label for Detergents for Dishwashers
                                         "The official EU mark for Greener Products"

If you want to show your commitment to a better
Choose the Flower for your Detergents for
                                                                     Meet your customers' demand
Once it's on your products, the Flower guarantees:
                                                                    Consumers are today more sensitive to the
Reduced amount of total chemicals                                    protection of the environment. Four out of
                                                                    five European consumers would like to buy
Reduction of energy use by promoting low temperature                   more environmentally friendly products,
detergents                                                            provided they are properly certified by an
                                                                             independent organisation.
Limited substances harmful to the aquatic environment
and increased biodegradability                                       With the Flower on your products you offer
                                                                     them a reliable guide to easily identify the
Minimisation of packaging waste                                     good environmental performers available on
                                                                                    the market.
Product safety

Efficient washing

It can be awarded to all kinds of detergents for use in
automatic domestic dishwashers and in automatic
dishwashers operated by professional users but similar to
automatic domestic dishwashers in terms of machine size
and usage.

  Give your detergents for dishwashers a credible sign of Environmental Excellence...
                                 Apply for the Flower!
                    For a quick test use the check list on the back

They said it!
"The green policy of I.C.E.FOR has a dual target: to
meet consumers' requirements and to acquire a greater
share of both its national and the European ecological
market. Our Flower-labelled products for dishwashers                               For more information…
represent the best synthesis between cleaning efficiency
and environmental respect. We believe that developing          … on the scheme, its feature, the actors involved, the
such green products is the only successful choice if we                                         application process…
want to develop a sustainable market in the future."                          
        Stefano Ferrari, general manager at I.C.E.FOR S.p.A.
                                                               … on the "detergents for dishwashers" product group:
"As a Scandinavian company, we have always been                                  detailed criteria, date of revision…
committed to developing and producing detergent tablets                        
that are as environmentally friendly as possible. By               Choose "product groups" on the menu on the left
offering our customers Eco-Label dishwashing tablets
we are doing our part to promote environmental
consciousness in the rest of Europe, with the confidence
that the performance of our products lives up to the
highest standards."
                      Joy Klein, sales manager at Cleantabs
  Check-list (for a first assessment only)                                                                   European Commission

Life Cycle                                Expectations
 Manufacturing     Safety of the            The enzyme production micro-organism shall be absent from the final enzyme preparation.
 (formulation)     product                  Labelling of ingredients according to Commission Recommendation 89/542/EEC and special
                                          mention for enzymes, preservation agents (characterisation and labelling according to IUPAC
                                          nomenclature) and perfumes.

 Use               Limitation of the      Wash refers to the quantity of product required to wash 12 place settings with a standard soil.
                   quantity of               The recommended dosage minus the water content (total chemicals) shall not exceed
                   detergent used         22.5g/wash.

 Use               Washing                    The product shall have a satisfactory washing performance at the recommended dosage
                   performance            according to the standard test developed by IKW or the EN 50242. The tests shall be carried out
                                          at 55°C or at a lower temperature.

 Use                Consumer              The following information shall appear on the packaging:
                    information               "This eco-labelled detergent works best at temperature of 55°C or lower. Select low
                                          temperature washing cycles, wash full loads and do not exceed the recommended dosage. This
                                          will minimise both energy and water consumption and reduce water pollution."
                                              Dosage recommendations for normally and heavily soiled dishes and for the ranges of water
                                          hardness appropriate to where the product is marketed.

 End of life       Limitation of the      Wash refers to the quantity of product required to wash 12 place settings with a standard soil.
                   use of substances         Critical Dilution Volume (toxicity) < or equal to 200L/wash.
                   harmful for the           Phosphates < or equal to 10g/wash.
                   aquatic                   Aerobically non-biodegradable organics < 1g/wash.
                   environment               Anaerobically non-biodegradable organics < 0.2g/wash.
                                             In addition, the sum of the weighted values of the above-mentioned parameters have to be
                                          above a certain limit defined in a scoring system.
                                             Phosphonates non readily biodegradable (aerobically) < 0.2g/wash.
                                             Each surfactant shall be aerobically and anaerobically biodegradable.
                                             Are excluded from formulation and from each substance or ingredient of any preparation
                                          used in the formulation that exceeds 0.01% by weight of the final product: ingredients classified
                                          R40, R45, R46, R49, R50-53, R51-53, R60, R61, R62, R63, R64, R68, and any combination
                                          thereof, in accordance with Directive 67/548/EEC and its amendments.
                                             Are excluded from the product: alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEOs), alkyl phenol derivatives
                                          (APDs), nitromusks, polycyclic musks, EDTA, NTA .
                                             No preservatives that are or may be classified as R50-53, in accordance with Directive
                                             Any ingredient added to the product as a fragrance shall have been manufactured and / or
                                          handled following the code of practice of the International Fragrance Association.

 End of life       Waste reduction           The primary packaging shall not exceed 2.5g/wash.
                                             Cardboard packaging: 80% recycled at least.
                                             Plastic packaging shall be labelled according to ISO 1043.

Your Competent Body will inform you which assessment and verification documents are required (e.g. declarations of compliance, MSDS of
ingredients), which test results must be provided and how the testing should be carried out (external test laboratories).

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