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                                                                                                  Plant of the Month                      1
 Philodendrons are among         large mature ones are dark    begin to compact into a
                                                                                                  Free Workshops and                      2
the most popular, tolerant,      green in color with a         tight ball, the plant should       Lectures
and durable of all house         touch of red. The plant's     be repotted into a planter
plants. There are many dif-      leaf petioles remain red-     2 - 3 inches larger. The
ferent species of Philoden-      dish purple to bright red     repotting should be done                      CONGO
rons, each possessing it's       with long-lasting petiole     in the late winter or
own characteristics as to leaf   sheaths.                      spring, before active
size, shape or coloring.         Care of your Congo is         growth begins. Good
Some species climb while         quite easy, place your        drainage is essential, so if
others remain in more of a       Philodendron anywhere         there are no drainage
shrub shape. What they all       there is a decent light       holes, be sure to fill the
have in common is their          source except direct hot      bottom of the pot with
ability to survive neglect and   sunshine. In low light        clean stones or broken
                                 your Congo may become         crockery. Use a good com-
                                 stretched. Keep the soil      mercial potting soil or a
                                 evenly moist, but allow it    mixture consisting of equal
                                 to dry out between water-     parts of loam, sand and
                                 ing. Keep them slightly       peat moss, with some
                                 drier during the winter       chopped charcoal and bro-
                                 months, when growth           ken crocks or bricks
                                 slows. Over watering will     added. Water these care-         Common Name:
                                 cause the leaves to turn      fully the first month or so,     Philodendron "Congo"
adverse conditions.                                            do not let the roots dry out
                                 yellow. Under watering                                         Latin Name:
The Philodendron Rojo            will cause the leaves to      completely or allow the          Philodendron tatei "Congo"
Congo is a new and distinct      turn brown and fall off.      soil to become saturated or      Native to:
cultivar of Philodendron. It     Feed your Philodendron        soggy. It's especially benefi-   Jungles of Tropical America

is a product of the cross or                                                                    Growth habit:
                                 in the spring and again in    cial to spray their leaves of
                                                                                                A self heading variety usually not over 36"
breeding between Philodren-      mid summer with a liquid      newly planted Philoden-          in height or 48" in width.
don "Imperial Red" as the        house plant fertilizer. The   drons two or three times a       Flowers:
female parent and an uni-        ideal temperature range is    day.                             No
dentified cultivar of the        between 75 and 85 de-
                                                                                                Normal indoor temps
Philodendron tatei. This         grees F. during the day                                        Humidity:
recently introduced Philo-       and in the 60's at night.                                      Not critical
dendron has large thick,                                                                        Pests:
leathery leaves. This plant      Repotting: Philodenrons
                                                                                                Not affected by many pests but can include
grows vigorously in an up-       grow best when their                                           Aphids or Foliar Mealy bug.

right but spreading or open      roots are slightly root
manner. New Congo leaves         bound, so don't plant
are brownish maroon to           them in a pot that is to        ORDER YOUR FALL ARRANGEMENTS NOW AND BE
almost red in color while the    large. When the roots                    READY FOR THE HOLIDAYS
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    OCTOBER 17TH - Fountain Building
    OCTOBER 24TH - Gardening Indoors
    OCTOBER 31ST - Bromeliad Care

                                 DATES OF INTEREST IN OCTOBER
    BIRTHSTONE - OPAL                               FLOWER - CALENDULA OR COSMOS

    OCTOBER 1, 1961, Roger Maris of the New York Yankees hit his 61st home run of the season, breaking Babe Ruth’s record of 60 set in 1927.
    OCTOBER 4,1957, the Space Age began as the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the first manmade satellite, into orbit.
    OCTOBER 8,1982, all labor organizations in Poland, including Solidarity, were banned.
    OCTOBER 11,1968, Apollo 7, the first manned Apollo mission, was launched with astronauts Wally Schirra, Donn Fulton Eisele and R. Walter Cunningham aboard.
    OCTOBER 16,1964, China detonated its first atomic bomb.
    OCTOBER 17.1931, Mobster Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion and sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was released in 1939.
    OCTOBER 21,1879, Thomas Edison invented a workable electric light at his laboratory in Menlo Park, N.J.
    OCTOBER 22,1962, President Kennedy announced an air and naval blockade of Cuba, following the discovery of Soviet missile bases on the island.
    OCTOBER 24, 1945, the United Nations officially came into existence as its charter took effect.
    OCTOBER 28, 1886, President Cleveland dedicated the Statute of Liberty, a gift from the people of France.
    OCTOBER 29, 1929, Black Tuesday descended upon the New York Stock Exchange. Prices collapsed and investors were wiped out as America’s Great Depression began.

             Interiorscaping Improves Indoor Air Quality, Design and Mood.
             •     One way of improving the indoors is with plants native to tropical forests. For instance, using palms for interiorscaping is a
                   way of making bold design statements in your indoor gardening. Few houseplant choices match the stately palm in this regard,
                   although several begin indoor gardening for those who do not have green thumbs.
                   Some of the outstanding hard-to-kill houseplants are spider plant, snake plant (also known as "mother-in-law tongue") and
                   the common philodendron.
             •     The containers for your houseplants can make all the difference in achieving the indoor gardening design statement that you
             •     Don't forget that the indoor gardening equivalent to an outdoor arbor is a door frame. Decorate door frames with garlands of
                   dried plants or evergreens.

                                         MOST INPORTANT IS LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND ENJOY .

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