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					           FA 110 – Touch Screen Instructions
If screen is blank – touch screen once to see choices then touch your selection (DVD,
VCR, Document Camera, PC) to turn on projector. The projector takes 1-2 minutes to

House icon on upper right hand screen is to return to main menu.

Sound/Volume icon is next to the house icon, touch the bar to increase or decrease the

Blank Screen On/Off buttons are for blanking the screen, remember you still have to turn
off projector when finished.

Turn OFF the projector when done. This is done by hitting the
power symbol marked “Shutdown” in upper left hand corner of the
screen and answering “yes” to question about shutting down.
Lock all cabinets and drawers.

               Connecting Laptop
 1. connect the cables from Smart Panel to your laptop
       [video, audio(optional) , data(optional)]

 2. turn on laptop
       Press the following function keys if video does not project
       on screen:         Dell    Fn and F8 (CRT/LCD)
                          HP      Fn and F4
                       Toshiba    Fn and F5
               Apple Powerbook Fn and F5 or F7

 3. Choose “Laptop” on touch panel from main menu.

 4. When finished: turn off laptop, disconnect cables, turn OFF Projector

For Smart Classroom Help: Call Computing
Services HelpDesk at 225-6274.