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Our contribution to water use efficiency and protection

If current trends continue, water shortages in agriculture are predicted to be the single most
significant constraint facing crop production over the next 50 years. Around 70% of global
average fresh water withdrawal is currently used for agriculture. Improved agricultural water
management must, therefore, be a top priority. While the efficiency of irrigation water use
merits the highest attention for action in agriculture, water collecting technologies in rain-fed
agriculture and improved land management systems should also help to maximize the “crop
per drop”.

The focus of Bayer CropScience’s research and development activities is crop protection and
enhanced seeds, which contribute to improved agricultural productivity. An integral element
of this is seeking to contribute simultaneously to water protection and, where possible, water
use efficiency improvements for farmers. Although much smaller in scale, efficient water use
in our manufacturing sites and other facilities will continue to be achieved through systematic
“in house” reviews. Improved water management approaches and the growing co-operation
throughout the agricultural value-chain will also complement the many achievements so far.

Bayer CropScience contributes to water use efficiency and protection by:
   • Developing stress tolerant and drought resistant crops
   • Providing solutions for healthy plants as these use water more efficiently;
   • Providing weed management tools to prevent competition with crops for water;
   • Protecting water through integrated R&D and product stewardship activities
   • Promoting land management approaches which support improved water
   • Enhancing water-saving schemes at our manufacturing and other sites

By these and other means, we will continue to develop and implement practical water use
efficiency and protection solutions to ensure sustained and enhanced agricultural production
into the future.


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